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Brenda Oliveira


About me

 Most of my life I have been steadily working towards a career as a nurse, however once I was in the medical field it became clear it wasn't something I was passionate about. I have always had a deep love for art, but never thought of making it into a career until the opportunity of tattooing fell in my lap and knowing the medical field wasn't for me I decided to chase a dream. Choosing to follow my heart has been the best choice I could have made and the journey of exploring new techniques and styles and the joy of creation has been wonderfully fulfilling . In addition to a custom piece of art it is always my goal to provide a safe space for all, both emotionally and with my medical training cleanliness wise, and I aim to make my clients feel comfortable when they come in for their tattoo. I keep an open mind and am always up for a challenge, but also if needed can always recommend another artist if I feel their skills will be better suited for your idea.Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you! please feel free to take a look over my policies below and click the link to inquire about your next tattoo

Let’s Work Together

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