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Tattoo Inquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in my work!

In an effort to simplify the design and booking process both for my clients and myself I have created this form to gather as much relevant information about your tattoo idea as I can at one time. Please fill out form as completely as possible. This helps me sort though project ideas more easily, and ultimately, be more productive(ie take on more tattoo projects).  If I end up taking on your project then we will be able to refine your idea further at that time. 

I primarily work in color and prefer subject matter that I can have good photo references for, this means that I don't frequently take on projects with complex imaginary elements(dragons, phoenixes, etc), black&grey, or heavily stylized imagery as I have learned that designing these stresses me out. If you don't know if your idea will be a good fit please feel free submit an inquiry 

Sucess! your inquiry has been submitted
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